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My name is Scott. I married my wonderful wife, Becky, in 1989. We have two awesome kids, Corey and Blake. We lived in Oregon City, Oregon until the end of 2004, but now we live in Tigard. As a family, we enjoy camping, exploring the internet, playing games, and watching movies and DVDs.
I am the network manager for a really cool company in Beaverton, where Becky also works. I like to spend a lot of time on my computer, keeping up this web page, chatting, learning new things about networking, playing with Linux, and programming. I also enjoy scuba diving, especially with Corey now that he is certified. I keep my divelog on-line, and wrote a dive site review page where you can read reviews or post your own. I also have several other interests, like juggling and martial arts.
Becky's main hobby is belly dancing. It is a fun form of exercise that she's been doing since 2003. She dances with a wonderful group of girls and on occasion they have danced in restaurants. She enjoys browsing the internet, like reading the latest news and shopping :). She enjoys our annual camping trips to Cultus Lake, where there is fun in the sun! She enjoys watching movies, going out to dinner, and spending time with her family. She works at the same company Scott does, as a Customer Service Specialist.
Corey enjoys school, picking on his little brother, and he really loves playing computer games. He does really well battling it out on the internet. He loves to swim, camp, go on trips, ride his bike, and learning about science. another of his hobbies is juggling, which he has become quite good at. Corey is learning HTML, and keeps his own web page looking nice.
Blake enjoys playing computer games and picking on his big brother. He also enjoys school, playing with his neighborhood friends, riding bikes, going to the park, and swimming. He really likes playing army games. Another of his hobbies is riding his unicycle, which he has gotten very good at! He even rode his unicycle for his whole school, in the gym, when he was in first grade.

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